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BRBY: Weaker Demand Weighs on Revenue Guidance for 2024

Only Pessimists Pick Bottoms

AXP: The Next Generation of AmEx Cardholders and Apple Card Snub

Pattern Recognition, True Luxury & Failing to Capitalise on Structural Trends

KRUS: Barclays Initiate Coverage and Host First Discussion

MEX: Looking More Like an Acquisition Target with Each Passing Day

The Last Bastion of British Luxury


Building Moats

Robinhood on British Soil

Is it Really Just the Mag 7?

Moats & Capital Allocation

54 Stores and Counting

Why International May Finally be a Focus at Chipotle

Speculation Temptation

Share Cannibals

15 Books to Read Before You Die

Why don't you just sell all your stocks and buy ETFs, you'll probably have better performance?

The Fate of the SPY and $400b+ Rests in the Hands of 11 Ordinary Individuals

What is The Next Burrito?

Here is the Problem with Thematic ETFs

Neglected Aspects of Investing

The Spectrum of Concern

Doubling Down as the Losses Pile Up

Has the Magic Gone?

Join Me For Some Q&A

I Might Not Swing for Two Years

Wealth is the Control of Time

Bill Miller Masterclass, Making Money from Junk, The Downsides of Choice, & Categories of One

Dogmatic Beliefs

What Inning Are We In?

Value works, even if you’re unemployed and live with your parents

Holding Hot Potatoes

The Nasdaq's Special Rebalance is Not So Special

Mimetic Desire with Luke Burgis

Creativity in Short Selling, Pat Dorsey on Moats, & Peter Lynch on 150-Baggers

Placing Your Bets In The UK Gambling Industry

Why Lynch Retired So Early, The Seven Virtues of Great Investors, & Rising Above the Odds

What if God was a hedge fund manager?

Blowing Up, Walter Schloss, Investing Challenges, & The Coffee Can Edge

Navigating the Information Age

Career Advice from David Tepper

Life Update, Druckenmiller Sees Nifty Fifty Similarities, The Secrets of John Templeton, & Luxury

Life's Smallest Luxury is not Lost on India

The Winner's Game

Third Wave

Infinite Replay Value

Running Before They Can Walk

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How the Small Investor 'Could' Beat the Market

Catching Knives, The Myth of Cash on the Sidelines, & Conviction Investing

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Buffett gives the seal of approval for Japan and Jerome Powell

Slowing Down

What's On Dimon's Mind?

Five Days Later

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Stanley Druckenmiller at The Lost Tree Club

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A Hole in the Pocket

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Improving Your Thinking, Quality in UK Markets, and Scarcity in Microcaps

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Three Years of Investment Talk

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The Commonalities of Superinvestors

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Soaking Up Deposits

Have We Reached a Cyclical Low in Unemployment?

Compromising on Quality

Competition is for Losers, Tsundoku, Munger's Speech & Losing Your Fastball

An Open Letter to Every Company in Tech

Not Another Article About Banks

Low Interest Rate Phenomenon: Sinking Ships Make Money

The Bit In The Middle

Portfolio Optimisation, Luck & Regret, François Rochon, & Running Money for the Long Term

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

This Year's Buffettisms

Quick Update

Mr Buffett on the Stock Market, 1999

Peak US Dollar, Google's Degrading Culture, Levelling Up, & Keeping Things Simple

Valuing the Unknowable

The Good People of Britain will Always Stuff Their Faces with Pastry

Playing Long Games, The Value Trap Fallacy, Sources of Alpha, & are we In the Midst of a Bull Market?

A Hike Across History

The Forgotten Lessons of 2008: Seth Klarman

PepsiCo Paid $1 Million for This

The Lindy Effect, Restoring Disney, the State of Mobile & The Year in Franchising

On Tolerance

Warren Buffett: The Investor's Investor, 1979

The Alpha of "Best" Ideas, Investing with Only an Hour a Day, and Stocks That Returned 1,000% in 10 Years