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Investment Maxims Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

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The Most Anticipated Recession, Checklists for Fraud & The Japanese Bubble

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Get Your Macro Fix w. Joey Politano

Sources of Edge, If God Was an Investor, What Has Worked in Investing, & The Lessons of a Young Buffett

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Open an ISA for UK Residents

The Rediscovered Benjamin Graham Lectures from 1946/47

That's a Wrap, Kura Exits 2022 on a High Note

Starbucks Opens its 6,000th Store in China

Why Akre Never Used Sell Targets, Ten Attributes of Great Investors & The Peter Lynch Playbook

An Interview with Peter Lynch in 1996, Six Years After Retirement

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Founders of Latinometrics: Mario & Ernesto Canales

Precedents for Lost Decades, Critiquing Market Efficiency, The Anatomy of a Bubble, & Thoughts on Meta's Quest Pro

A Rare Interview with Phil Fisher Following the 1987 Crash

MEX: “A Recession is an Ideal Time for Expansion”

US Economy: Key Macro Events This Week

Avoiding Bubbles, Profiting from Mania, The UK's Gilt Trip, & Funding When Capital isn't Cheap

Understanding Competitive Advantage, M&A Gone Wrong, Lessons from the Nifty Fifty, and 20-Years of Focussed Compounding

Focussing on Quality, The Bank That Almost Broke Britain, Apple Services & Pumpkin Spice Origins

LULU: Revisiting Lululemon

How to Pitch a Stock, What Buying Low Really Looks Like, Daily Chartbooks, and Investing is Actually Quite Hard

Winner and Loser's Games, Re-Nicotisation, YouTube is Teens Favourite App, and Investing During a Recession

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MEX: Tortilla Mexican Grill

Good & Bad Losses, Effective Forecasting, SemiDesign Renaissance, and Instagram Walking Back on Changes

Bill Ackman Goes Full Activist on the Fed, Why Investors Suck at Selling, Planning for Recession, and Japanese Small Caps

KRUS: "Thriving in an Inflationary Environment"

Listerine Royalties, Latinometrics, the Fear of Crashing, and the Prospect of a TikTok Ban

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Guest Interview, Ayesha Tariq CFA

Short-termism, The Economics of Stadium Names, How Teens Spend Their Money, and Zuck Eating a Raw Onion

7 Billion Sets of Spectacles

Guest Interview, Giro Lino

VC Turmoil, Mobile Wallets, Mature Dating, Canned Boba, and a Greek Fisherman

Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice Can't Place the Blame on You

Guest Interview, Edmund Simms at Valuabl

Market Talk, May 22nd 2022

SBUX: "We're Playing the Long Game"

Market Talk, May 8th 2022

FB: "Planning to Slow the Pace of Our Investments" in the Metaverse

Market Talk, April 24th 2022

Guest Interview, David Paolella at The Special Situations Report

KRUS: Kura's Roll Keeps Rolling

Market Talk, April 10th 2022

Etsy: House of Brands, Revisited.

Elon Buys 9.2% of Twitter, and Starbucks Suspend $20B Buyback Program

Market Talk, March 27th 2022

SBUX: Howard Schultz is BACK

Market Talk, March 13th 2022

Market Talk, February 27th 2022

Guest Interview, Conor Maguire at Value Situations

SBUX: Union, What Union?

Market Talk, February 13th 2022

Investment Talk Paid is Ending for now

Can Companies Like Freetrade Bring Enthusiasm Back to UK Investing?

Market Talk, January 30th 2022

Guest Interview, Leandro at Best Anchor Stocks

Market Talk, January 23rd 2022

Peloton and the Kiss(es) of Death

Market Talk, January 16th 2022

KRUS: Kura's Pricing Power

Market Talk, January 9th 2022

Market Talk, January 2nd 2022